Counteracting your dropping Engagement Rate

People were spending SO much time on the internet during lockdown and as soon as the chance to be outside away from our screens and interacting/engaging with our friends and family in real life came, people jumped at the opportunity. This meant that there has been a noticeable drop in engagement with business online. Whether…

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5 Must Do’s for an Effective Website

Looking at effective website design

With online business growing at unprecedented rates there really is no excuse to be without an effective website… without it you’re going to be missing out on sales and opportunities. So, for those of you just getting started or wanting to make sure your website is operating effectively, here are our 5 must dos for…

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Email Marketing is integral to your Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing encompasses a variety of strategies that can help your business build its brand awareness and ultimately increase those all-important sales by delivering a form of advertisement through a digital medium. It typically includes; SEO, Social Media, Paid Advertising and of course Email Marketing. As specialists in Digital Marketing we recognise that a good…

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Invest in Digital Marketing for your business

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a term that describes a collection of digital strategies that have been designed to help your business. They connect with your target audience and satisfy your marketing objectives through digital communication. Digital marketing typically involves; content marketing, PPC, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, paid advertising and more. It’s important when creating…

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Why Creating Content Is Integral to Your Marketing Strategy

As the old saying goes Content Is King! The content that your business puts out there whether it’s in the form of written, video, or audio represents your business in its entirety. If you have a good content strategy it’s likely to inform your audience about your business, answer their questions, offer solutions, provide advice,…

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The PPC Trends your Business Needs to Know

PPC aka Pay Per Click is a form of paid advertising and when set up effectively can help your business secure those all-important additional sales by reaching the right people when they are actively searching. You will need a Google Ads account in order to set up, manage and analyse your ad campaigns. Sounds fairly…

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How retailers can transition to an Online model

Lockdown after lockdown, shop closure after shop closure a now familiar reality day in day out, leaving brick and mortar retailers in a desperate fight to keep their businesses a float. We can no longer afford to wait to see if business will return to normal as it’s become quite apparent that a different way…

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Cardiff creative agency helping welsh businesses grow

welsh flag

March 1st is the day that Wales celebrate the patron saint of Wales, St David in the cultural festival. As a Wales based creative agency, we want to celebrate all things welsh this month as we take a look at some of the welsh businesses we have helped establish a powerful brand presence. Makura Makura…

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Get customers to love your brand in 4 simple steps

couple looking at mobile

A lot of people don’t know how or where to start when it comes to building a brand. Seeing as we’re in February, the month of love, in this blog entry we’re going to show you the key aspects of building a brand and getting your customers to fall in love with it. Step 1…

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What you need for a Grand Slam website

Principality Stadium

The Six Nations are back with a bang! It took careful strategy, structure and skill for Wales to win the Grand Slam title in 2019 and what an achievement it was. In this blog entry, we’re here to show you how you don’t have to be an elite athlete for this level of success, as…

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