Counteracting your dropping Engagement Rate

People were spending SO much time on the internet during lockdown and as soon as the chance to be outside away from our screens and interacting/engaging with our friends and family in real life came, people jumped at the opportunity. This meant that there has been a noticeable drop in engagement with business online.

Whether that has been in the form of less interaction on socials, less traffic to your website or a lower open on your email rates, it’s important to know that your business isn’t alone if you’ve experienced any of the above! With this drop of engagement in mind, we’ve put together some of the key aspects you might want to consider within your marketing strategy to try and reengage your audience over the next couple of months.

Social Media

Even with less time being spent on our phones, social media remains one of the best ways you can keep in touch with your audience and increase your brand awareness with most people checking in on their favourite social apps multiple times a day.

It’s important to have a good content strategy that is consistent, that speaks to your audience, all whilst using each platform to the best of its ability. For example, on Instagram, reels are really trending right now, they are a great way of getting your business in front of a lot of eyes.

Plus, social media, is social… you can have some fun with your brand, be playful and show that even within your business you are all human too! Don’t be afraid to show a little bit of personality on your social media, if you’re having a team meal out show it… it all helps to build the know, like, trust factor which plays a big role in decision making.

Check in on your SEO

If you’ve been trying to list on the first pages of search engines like Google for some time, now is not the time to give up! Achieving a good SEO listing takes time and patience. However, might be a good time to revisit your keyword list to see what words and phrases your customers are typically searching for. This might have shifted slightly from this time last year when we were all locked indoors!

By checking in on your keyword lists you can make sure that you are creating the most appealing and relevant content that matches the requirements of what your ideal client is searching for.

Google Ads

Whereas working on your SEO can be a slow process, Google Ads can provide instantaneous results. If you’re looking for that extra boost of sales or increase of traffic to your website a Google Ads campaign might be a good shout. Just be mindful of budget when it comes to setting up your campaign, you want to make sure that you can compete with your competitors without spending an absolute fortune and throwing money down the drain. To give your ads the best chance of success you want to make sure that your Ads are optimised and set up in the most efficient way! It’s also a good idea to test various Ad Texts to see which Ad is the most successful in achieving your chosen conversions.

Email Marketing

Building an email list should always be a strong component of your marketing strategy. You don’t own your social media likes and follows but you do own your email list (just make sure you are collecting and using your email addresses in accordance with the GDPR rules).  Your email list can be a fantastic place to nurture and increase repeat purchases from your existing customers, plus it can be a great place to offer exclusive discounts and offers to those that are on your email list.

If you have some great content to send out, emailing your contacts on a weekly basis can be a great means of keeping in touch and keeping front of mind.

Top Tip

Adding an emoji into your subject line can help make your email stand out from the rest!

Of course, employing these strategies back into your marketing plan will undoubtedly help, however, it’s important to be realistic and recognise that people just want to have fun right now! So, try not to get too disheartened if your stats are looking a little bleak, it’s unlikely that you’re doing something terribly wrong, it’s just our priorities as humans have changed right now. If on the other hand you’re keen to boost things back up sooner rather than later, contact our team of marketing experts today we’ll be happy to create a clear and actionable marketing strategy unique to your business. Fill out the form below and find out more!