What you need for a Grand Slam website

The Six Nations are back with a bang! It took careful strategy, structure and skill for Wales to win the Grand Slam title in 2019 and what an achievement it was. In this blog entry, we’re here to show you how you don’t have to be an elite athlete for this level of success, as we put these principles into business and show you how you can go for the Grand Slam and create a winning website.


The structure of your website is pretty important. At Carrick we make sure that the build of your website is ‘structurally sound’. We can take care of your domain purchasing, domain transfer, website hosting, in addition to building a website that has a clear structure and is easy to navigate. As experts in the web development industry, we know the key layouts that work effectively. However, we’re not just going to create a carbon copy website for you, so we consider your business, your services and your individual website functionality when creating your website structure.


Having a strong marketing strategy is a business must. When it comes to business, you can’t afford to ignore your website strategy. What is the purpose of your website? Is it there to collect data; is it there to drive sales; is it there to create awareness… or all of the above? We will build a website that is going to serve the needs of your business. Carrick can also advise you on the type of content that will be effective on your website and can even take care of your marketing strategy post launch, to ensure your website gets the awareness that it deserves.


There are plenty of platforms out there offering ‘free web builds,’ but as the old saying goes, you really do get what you pay for. Your website is essentially your shop front, so it’s critically important that it looks the part and functions as it should. At Carrick, we have a team of skilled web developers and designers that are experts in what they do. You wouldn’t see your average Joe in the line up for the Six Nations and you shouldn’t settle for less for your business. So if you want to give your website the best chance of success, then it really is a good idea to invest in a skilled professional.


Don’t forget about your on going SEO. If you’ve invested in a great website build you want to make sure it’s taken care of in the long run. Just like those rugby players that regularly take care of their health and fitness, you essentially need to take care of your website ‘health’ too. Your website will need to be updated on a regular basis to ensure that it stays at the top of its game and performs as best as it possibly can.

At Carrick we offer an SEO service to help keep your website at the top of its game no matter what the season. So if you want to start your journey to a grand slam website, get in touch with Carrick today.