Steps to SEO Success – Improve your SEO ranking in 2022


So, what is SEO? In its simplest terms, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a set of practices applied to a website to improve its organic ranking in search results. i.e. When someone searches for a result on Google you are presented with a list of search results with different website options. At the top you…

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What to include in your 2021 Marketing Review

2021 Review Image

Now is the perfect time to review your marketing activities over the last 12 months! You can make informed decisions of where to invest your marketing budget when it comes to planning your 2022 marketing strategy. Here we summarise some of the key factors you should include in your 2021 marketing review. Website Before you…

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How to improve your website listing on Google

Using Google on digital tablet to check your website listing

Do you have the patience to scroll to page 2, 3 or 4 when carrying out a search on Google? Are you satisfied with the results presented to you on the 1st page? How do you improve your website listing on Google? The likelihood is, you don’t spend much time looking through all the pages…

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Why you don’t always need a new audience to increase sales

Christmas online shopping with phone. Online audience

As we enter the lead up to Christmas business owners really want to end the year on a high. But securing those all-important sales, doesn’t mean you always need a new audience to increase sales. An integrated multi-channel marketing strategy can assist your business. It can be the driving force to bringing awareness to your…

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Can you trust Social Media to market your business?

It’s been just over a week since Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp all went dark! If you enjoyed the short break or were someone constantly refreshing your apps, it certainly caused a stir! For many people, social media is a lifeline in business. It allows you to reach a huge audience, it provides a space to…

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5 steps to creating brilliant Brand Design

Brand design

What is a brand? Brand design is so much more than a name or logo! Although, when we think of a brand we often think of their logo as this is what helps it become recognisable, there are often other thoughts and feelings that go with it. In fact, a brand is often described as…

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Counteracting your dropping Engagement Rate

People were spending SO much time on the internet during lockdown and as soon as the chance to be outside away from our screens and interacting/engaging with our friends and family in real life came, people jumped at the opportunity. This meant that there has been a noticeable drop in engagement with business online. Whether…

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5 Must Do’s for an Effective Website

Looking at effective website design

With online business growing at unprecedented rates there really is no excuse to be without an effective website… without it you’re going to be missing out on sales and opportunities. So, for those of you just getting started or wanting to make sure your website is operating effectively, here are our 5 must dos for…

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Email Marketing is integral to your Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing encompasses a variety of strategies that can help your business build its brand awareness and ultimately increase those all-important sales by delivering a form of advertisement through a digital medium. It typically includes; SEO, Social Media, Paid Advertising and of course Email Marketing. As specialists in Digital Marketing we recognise that a good…

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Invest in Digital Marketing for your business

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a term that describes a collection of digital strategies that have been designed to help your business. They connect with your target audience and satisfy your marketing objectives through digital communication. Digital marketing typically involves; content marketing, PPC, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, paid advertising and more. It’s important when creating…

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