Why your business needs SEO

Why your business needs SEO

Most businesses that have invested in a digital presence are likely to be familiar with the term Search Engine Optimisation, known as SEO. Most recognise that by investing in an SEO strategy, you can improve your search results and get more traffic to your website. That’s pretty much the very basic foundation of SEO, however, there are plenty more reasons why your business needs an SEO strategy and how this can affect your business success. We identify a few of the core reasons here.

Organic searches are often the primary source of web traffic. For example, some traffic might be coming from content you are posting on social media, some from PPC adverts that you have running, but more often than not, the main source of traffic will be coming from Organic Searches. If not, you probably need to get your SEO strategy looked at soon. Therefore, you want to make sure that your website lists well for your key phrases to give you the best chance of getting that all important traffic to your site.

SEO builds trust – this is built over time and is not just an overnight fix. Building trust with the search engines is always a good way of helping you attain better search listings. Search engines like Google want to provide their users with relevant and quick search results, therefore, they will monitor your website to ensure that you are providing a quality and user-friendly website. If over time they can see that your website is just that, then they are more likely to list you in the top spots for relevant searches. There are other factors that can help your website build its credibility with search engines such as great user behaviour, optimised pages, site content, clear and well written meta tags, to name a few.

Get noticed more easily. We’ve touched upon the notion that people want instant results in previous blogs. People are much more likely to only consider the listings on the first page of Google, some will only consider the top 3 websites. You could argue that SEO holds a certain type of buying power. If your  listing is in the top spots of Google, as long as your site titles and descriptions are top notch (we imagine they would be if you have attained those top listings), then you are much more likely to win the business than those on page 2 or 3.

SEO is cost effective – there are lots of different means in which you can get traffic to your website. You will need a professional to keep on top of your SEO on your behalf. However, this is more of a long term strategy that can reap benefits for a longer period, not just when your adverts are active. Having said that, SEO is constantly changing and your professional will need to keep on top of the updates so that your website doesn’t lose its listings.

SEO is a complex strategy and one that certainly shouldn’t be over looked. If you would like to see your listings increase and want to get your website listing on the first pages of Google, then make sure you contact Carrick to see how we can help you and your website.