Why you should monitor your website statistics

Having a website in this day and age is critical and often described as the single most important marketing tool for your business. Most business owners therefore invest heavily in getting their website right, ensuring it looks good, performs as it should and as the old saying goes “does what is says on the tin”.

With the excitement of a swanky professional new website, what often gets forgotten is the importance of monitoring your website traffic post build and during your marketing activities. Monitoring your website traffic is just as important as driving traffic to your website.

You can find out a lot by monitoring what is happening on your website; from the number of website visits, the amount of time spent on each page, the number of forms filled in and SO much more! Monitoring your website traffic provides you with a lot of insightful information, by seeing what is working online and what isn’t you have great indicators on what you should/ shouldn’t change in your marketing strategy and website content in order to generate more quality traffic and ultimately increase your business sales.

So what are the headline items to be addressing?

Keywords – what keywords are people using to land on your website. With these keywords in mind you can optimise your content, including more instances of these keywords and hopefully appear in more relevant search results.

Traffic Sources – where is your traffic coming from, is one traffic driver underperforming… should you be getting more traffic organically? This can be a good indicator of which marketing strategies might need readjusting.

Paid Campaigns – these could include social media campaigns – look at your statistics and see if a particular Facebook Advert is more successful in driving traffic to your website or more successful in driving purchases. If there is a clear difference, this is a great indicator of which Facebook advert you should perhaps put more investment into.

Website Speed – you would hope that with a brand new website that is built well, the speed of your website should be swift! A slow page load time can cause people to drop off likes flies and search for an alternative website that provides them with the answer they are looking for at a quicker speed. Keep an eye on your web speed and if it seems to be slacking, speak to your web team and discuss your hosting and server packages to see where improvements can be made.

Of course, there is much much more than this to ensure your site is up to all current web standards and working as it should be. The Carrick team are ready to help on this journey.

PS. Remember a website is not something that should be built and forgotten about; it is something that should be updated regularly to ensure that it always performs at its best.