Why Do I Need an SSL Certificate?

The Benefits of SSL

With high profile data theft and hacks becoming increasingly common, security becomes more important on the ever expanding web. To be seen as a trusted site and business partner, it is becoming more important for websites to install an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is not just for eCommerce sites, sites that are just informational or blogs now benefit from an SSL certificate too. Here are some of the main reasons an SSL certificate is right for you.

As of January 2017, Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, the first and second most used browsers respectively, display a warning to the user when any login field is displayed on a non-HTTPS domain.

As of October 2017, any website with an input box not secured with HTTPS will display a warning in the browsers mentioned in the above paragraph. This includes search boxes, newsletter subscriptions and contact forms.

HTTPS also gives your website a speed boost which is not available over HTTP.

Google has also stated that in the future, any website not loaded over HTTPS will rank lower in their SEO rankings.

Users of your website will now increasingly notice if a website does not have an SSL installed, with 84% of online shoppers saying they abandon a purchase when they realise the website is insecure. SSL gives your website the padlock or green browser bar, reassuring visitors they’re safe on your site. (Source: 123reg.co.uk, 2017)

A valid SSL certificate also reassures your customers that you are who you say you are.

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