Growing your business with good design

There are so many opportunities for you to present your brand to new clients as well as your existing client base. If you’ve been out and about today, no doubt you will have driven past a billboard. If you’ve been on Facebook, no doubt you’ve seen a sponsored post: maybe you’ve opened your emails to special offers or perhaps you’ve even got some leaflets through the post. You get my gist here; marketing and advertising is everywhere, whether it’s digital or print, there really is no escape. You get so many different forms of marketing, but one thing all marketing should have in common is good design.

Here we identify some key factors of what makes a design good:

Good design is visually striking and aesthetically pleasing – you want your design to stand out; the images and content need to make the product or service look appealing to the intended user.

Good design is on brand and consistent – you want people to recognise your brand from afar and your design should convey this. Making sure that all your designs are on brand, doesn’t mean it all has to be exactly the same, but don’t change it too much. You still want people to know who you are, especially if you have already built up a strong brand.

Good design is responsive – people use a multitude of devices to view content, so it is important that your design looks good regardless as to whether someone is viewing it on a Mobile or Desktop device.

Good design conveys a strong message – ultimately your design is there to influence a purchaser’s decision, so make sure it includes a clear call to action: help your audience know where to click, what to purchase and so on.

Good design is clean and tidy – remember the human brain needs to process your design information pretty quickly. Make sure you use appropriate colours and fonts and try not to clutter the design too much. You want your message to be loud and clear.

If you’ve got these five principles of design mastered, then you should be on to a pretty good thing. Carrick are on hand to help create your new design masterpiece when you are next in need.