Vlog your way to success!

It is becoming increasingly tricky to capture the attention of those using digital media. With lots of new content being added to the internet every second it is important to make sure your content stands out from the rest. One of the great ways of doing this is through video marketing. Over recent years, video marketing has grown in popularity with statistics showing that users are more likely to engage with content in a rich media format such as video. In this blog we highlight some of the ways in which your business can incorporate videos into your marketing strategy.

Social media content

According to Brandwatch, Facebook sees 100 million hours of daily watch time. So uploading videos to social media is a good way to get noticed as long as your content stands out. The better the content, the better your engagement and reach is likely to be.
Facebook allows you to upload videos to your news feed, providing your followers with interesting content. People are more likely to sit there and watch a video as opposed to reading a long script that displays the same information. Depending on your industry, your videos could include top tips, video tours and much more.

Instagram also allows you to upload videos, however, the length of the video is restricted to just 60 seconds if publishing in your news feed. Going back to Facebook, Facebook offers a live stream that your business can utilise to reach and alert your audience. Your followers will get a notification when your live stream starts, so Facebook live is a great means of sharing important information. This video will also be uploaded to your news feed when the stream ends. We recommend putting some thought into your live stream videos as we have seen great success with those creating a video series related to their business.

YouTube blogging

YouTube offers a great platform for businesses to upload a series of video blogs: if you have enough subscribers you can even monetize your blogs, getting paid for the content you create. This has been particularly successful within the celebrity culture, where businesses are using their fame and popularity to promote a product or service. In order to generate a great following, you should be uploading video blogs on a consistent basis. For example, you might notice that popular YouTubers will upload a blog on a certain day of the week when their followers are expecting it.

Website Video

You can add video content to your website to give it that extra wow factor. We are seeing an emergence in video content being used on the home page of websites. This immediately gives a good first impression and often provides people with a great insight into your business from the offset, as long as the content is relevant. For example, a caravan campsite might have a video tour of the grounds and facilities, as well as a look inside of the caravan you could be staying in. Just make sure your video content has been uploaded in the correct format and the file size has been compressed, to avoid affecting your website load time.

You don’t need to spend thousands on video production equipment. If the quality on your mobile camera is good enough, this would be sufficient. You might want to get the help of a marketing strategist to get you started and plan your initial video content. Please don’t hesitate to contact our great team at Carrick for video blog advice.