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Giving your Digital Marketing the X Factor

The X Factor is not just a TV show: it defines that special quality which every business should strive to achieve. Here we address some of the critical strategies and offer some top tips on how you can give your marketing the ‘X Factor’ to help your business stand out from the rest, both on and offline.


Strong branding is critical to any business hoping for instant recognition: your logo and brand colours are key to creating a memorable impression. Good brand identity will portray your company as professional and help establish your place in the market. Easily recognisable brands serve to generate repeat business. Your logo should be unique, distinctive and designed for use across all media and marketing materials. Ensure that you have high quality logo files to enable quality and consistency.


As mentioned in our previous blog entry, your website acts as your “shop front” and needs to be up to scratch: your business isn’t going to have the X Factor without one. From web design, structure and compelling content to SEO optimisation, there are a lot of things your website will need to incorporate to stand out from your competitors. Ensure that your website is fully secure and responsive to mobile devices and that your content is always kept up to date.

PPC – Pay Per Click

Pay per click can help your business reach the right audience at that exact time when someone carries out a related google search. In order for your campaign to have the X Factor, you need to make sure that your ad groups and ads are carefully curated with compelling ad text and strong calls to action.

Social Media Content

Creating a consistent social media strategy can be a great tool for getting into the hands of prospective customers on a frequent basis. Whether you are posting about new products, sharing an interesting article or running a competition, it’s a good idea to create a social strategy that focuses on engaging your customer base. Social media advertising can also help your business reach an extended audience, allowing you to choose to whom you want to show your content.

Print Marketing

Often forgotten in a world that has become digitally obsessed, print marketing can be a powerful medium for getting your business noticed. Whether you opt for brochures, flyers, posters, business cards or any other promotional print, captivating imagery and typography can have a show stopping effect, giving your business the X Factor.

So if you want to give your marketing the X Factor, you need to make sure that you have a good marketing matrix that combines a variety of the strategies mentioned above. If you need help creating a unique marketing strategy tailored to your business, then contact Carrick today for a review of your marketing plan.