Transform your Website

Carrick can transform your underperforming website

Your website represents your business: it should have the wow factor and should encourage your prospective customers to purchase from you.  If it’s not built effectively, you could be facing a whole heap of problems which could lead to underperformance and ultimately the loss of a whole lot of business. In this two minute read, we show you what you should be looking out for and how you can get your business from Zero to Hero status by working alongside Carrick.

Here are some key warning signs that your website is underperforming:

Old fashioned website design

People expect to see a clean, fresh and modern website. There are so many great website platforms available, there really is no excuse for your website to be left in the dark ages. You should keep up with latest trends and your competitors, but an unsightly, non-responsive website is likely to cause your traffic to bounce almost immediately.

Carrick website design

Carrick can build an impressive, modern, well-structured website to promote your brand and company goals. Whether it’s increased brand awareness, product enquiries, or sales generation, we have the website development and design expertise to help you reach your target audience.

Slow website and poor functionality

Not only can the look of your website be off putting, if it doesn’t perform effectively, is hard to navigate and doesn’t load properly, your visitors are likely to look elsewhere. One of the key factors that websites should incorporate as part of their basic functionality is their responsiveness, so that the website can be viewed on any device. If your website does not load properly and the layout becomes misconfigured on a mobile device, then your website has not been built responsively.

Carrick website development

We consider which platform will be best for your website, from WordPress to Magento, we are experts in leading industry website platforms. We take the time to build your website responsively so that regardless of which device they are looking at your website on, the customer experience is seamless. A user friendly, fast and functional website is at the forefront of our minds in each build.

Missing SSL

having an SSL certificate on your website is a key indicator that your website is safe to use. This is particularly important if your website is processing payments and holding sensitive information. You can see if your website has an SSL by looking at the URL in the URL bar. If there is a little padlock before your website URL then your website is protected, if there isn’t, we strongly advise to correct this as soon as possible.

Carrick security

we want to ensure that your website is safe and that sensitive information is protected. At Carrick we recognise the importance of an SSL and will incorporate this into your website build or add it on to your existing website if it is missing. An SSL helps improve customer trust as they know that their information is being protected on your site.

Poor performance and disappointing sales

Is your website failing to appear in key search engine searches? If so, you are likely to be losing out on a lot of traffic. Do you know how many views your website is getting on a daily basis? Do you know how those visitors are getting to your website? If you don’t, how can you expect to grow your business accordingly?

Carrick aftercare

At Carrick we don’t just leave you to fend for yourself once your website is live. There’s a huge importance in maintaining regular SEO work to ensure that your website climbs the search rankings and gets more traffic to your site. This additional service is a must for any business serious about engaging with customers, conversions and growth. Carrick will also monitor how your website is performing, adapt your SEO and suggest marketing strategies accordingly.

Your website should be thought of as a long term investment, not a quick fix. Regular updates to the content are needed to keep your website interesting and relevant to your current services and products. Utilising the latest technology within your website will reflect on the impression you give of your company, as a modern, forward thinking business.

If any of the warning signs above seem familiar to you, invest in your business boom today and contact our friendly and experienced team at Carrick to take your website from Zero to Hero!