How to create show stopping content

5 Tips on Creating Content that is Golden

Creating quality content should be a huge part of your marketing strategy. Content can be used online in a digital format, for example on social media or web copy, as well as in printed brochures, leaflets and other marketing materials. Whichever format your content is being produced in, you need to remain consistent with the quality. When your content is effective, it can be a useful tool in helping to grow and market your business to your desired audience.

Here we address some key points on how to write effective, quality content.

Keyword research

Yes, keyword research is still a thing. It’s important that you identify what your key phrases are and incorporate these within your content. Be mindful though: this is not an opportunity to stuff your content with a load of phrases which will probably not read well and is actually frowned upon by search engines like Google. Instead, you can research to see what types of phrases your customers are using and which keywords your competitors are using. You can then identify the core keywords that you are going to include in your content. Top Tip – AdWords Keyword Planner provides some great insights into keywords and phrases that people are searching for.

Optimise your content

If your content is being produced for digital purposes, it is important that you apply a strong SEO strategy as this will help your content to be found by your customers. For example, if you are writing content for a new web page, you should include the keywords you identified during your keyword research and incorporate these into you meta description, sub headers and image alt tags.

Use images and videography

Your content doesn’t always have to be written: think about the different ways in which you can convey a message or information. Images and videos are a popular format of content, particularly on social media platforms. Images and videos are thought to generate more engagement on social media, so make sure your imagery is of high quality and is relevant to what you are posting about.

Split test content

Sometimes you really can hit the nail on the head with powerful and effective content. However, if you have a few different title options mulling over in your head, it’s a great idea to split test a couple of variations to see which option is most effective. You could run a split test campaign on Facebook Adverts with different titles or different images: just make sure you only change one variable at a time so that you can easily identify which variation is proving to be the most successful. When writing blog titles, you could create two different variations and publish them both to see which one get the most clicks or engagement.

Responding professionally

With your new content out there, it is likely that you will receive some engagement. It is important that you respond to all engagement that your business receives, whether this be on social media or a review left on Google. Even if you don’t necessarily agree with what the person is writing, you must maintain a professional stance at all times and keep in mind that your response is still part of your content creation. This could be your opportunity to turn a negative review into a positive experience, but make sure this type of content is well thought out in order to maintain a consistent quality content strategy.

Of course, there are so many other tips that will help you create effective quality content, this is just a start! If you would like Carrick to review your current content strategy, then we would love to hear from you. Go on, get creating!