Increasing sales on your online shop

The digital arena presents an outstanding opportunity for your business to excel and secure online sales, especially as we have now seen a transition from traditional popping to the shops, to staying at home and ordering what we need with a tap of a few buttons. The digital sphere is an exciting place to be.

With so many businesses now selling their products and services online, it’s important that you are up there with your competitors and that your e-commerce website works exactly how it should do! Here are our top tips on how to make it big in e-commerce.

Clear Navigation

Make sure your customer knows exactly how to navigate your website. Use call to actions, signposts and the likes of Shop Now, Add to Basket and Checkout buttons to help users know what to do.

Secure Payment facility

There are a few trusted payment facilities out there and you need to make sure you are using one on your website. Having a secure SSL, something that causes the padlock to show before your website URL, always provokes confidence in a customer.

Clear Shipping Options

When you’ve just seen the item you want you don’t want to wait for ages for it to arrive. Make sure your shipping options are a reasonable price and within a good time frame. Having said that, don’t make promises you can’t fulfil; always manage your customer’s expectations.

Clear Return and Exchange Policies

Let’s face it… sometimes we order something we’re not that keen on. Customers want to know that they are able to return their item hassle free should it not be quite what they wanted, so make your policy clear on your website.

Good Branding

People are much more likely to part with their hard earned cash if they know they are spending it with a brand they can trust, or more importantly heard of! There are plenty of ways in which you can establish a digital presence: having a good website and strong social media presence is a good start.


Make sure you display your contact number, email address and address. You need to reassure people that they can get in touch with you should they need to. By including this simple information, you develop a level of trust.

Good luck on securing those extra sales!