The Power of Print

Why Your Business Should Be Using Print as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

We live in a world that is saturated with marketing messages; you can no longer scroll through your Facebook feed without a sponsored post appearing or watch a YouTube video without being subject to a 10 second advert first.

We can’t even open our email platform to a large number of marketing emails that are sent through on a daily basis or visit a website that allows advertising without seeing that product appear that we just happened to view online last night.

Digital marketing is savvy and sophisticated and shows no signs of slowing down and pretty much every business seems to be getting on board.

So you might ask yourself how can you make your business stand out from the countless marketing messages online? It’s time for you to consider something completely different… The power of print.

You used to get endless leaflets posted through your door all of which would more than likely be discarded straight into the bin.

We then saw a surge in digital marketing as evidenced above and print appeared to dramatically decline.

However, we might have just done a complete 360, if you are anything like us nowadays when something comes through the letter box and stands out, our curiosity gets the better of us and we become intrigued to find out more information, to pick the leaflet up and see what is being offered.

So apart from the obvious, there aren’t that many businesses currently using print as part of their marketing strategy which immediately gives your business a time to shine. We detail three additional reasons why you need to invest in print marketing!

The Haptic Touch

People are wired to respond to touch. Just think about the last time you went clothes shopping, you see an item you like or something catches your eye and one of the first things you do is go over and touch it.

Touch is a huge tool of communication, it’s a sensory experience that can influence a person’s emotions and actions. If someone has something physical in their hands like a brochure or leaflet they have encountered a tangible connection and opened up a channel of communication.

With print you can get really clever, you can make it feel good and you can even use textures to evoke certain emotions. Psychologists argue that people form a deeper connection and are more likely to remember something that they read on paper than what they do on screen.

Longer Lifetime

Print also hosts the power having a longer lifeline in the physical sense. If a leaflet is of real interest to someone, more than likely it will get put in a draw of “importance” at home and revisited at a later date when needed/ when the time is right. It’s much easier to find that leaflet with the special patio cleaning offer in your draw at home than it is to find it on the never ending world wide web.

Print leads to sales

Ask yourself this, are you more likely to open a letter or open an email? Without a shadow of doubt, the majority of the population would answer letter. With a greater open rate, your business is likely to have a greater engagement rate and therefore more likely to have a greater return on investment.

At Carrick we are able to design and print all your necessary marketing materials. From business cards to brochures, from leaflets to roll out banners, we have your print marketing covered.

Having said all of this, we shouldn’t disregard the importance of digital marketing that still remains. For the best marketing success and to help your business stand out from the crowd it’s all about finding that perfect balance.

Carrick can help your business be seen in all the right places and yes even print, so if you are looking for a one stop shop that will provide you with a complete marketing toolkit, call the Carrick team today.


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