The Coffee Table Factor

In recent years, there has been an evolution of advertising, from predominantly printed materials, towards electronic communication. The speed at which this has occurred is phenomenal, particularly so when you think that print, in its most primitive form, has been around for centuries.

With the advent of computers, smartphones and tablet devices, this transformation has taken place over barely a couple of decades. So fast in fact, that youngsters cannot imagine a world without these gadgets, whilst many from older generations have been left with their heads spinning. For those who have a business, or belong to an organisation with a message to convey, choosing how to communicate that message is no longer a simple matter.

Whilst e-mail campaigns have grown in popularity, there are pros and cons to these. An email can be targeted at a specific reader, one who is selected based upon a history of having an interest in certain products or services. But if that person happens to open the email at a bad time, the delete button is all too easy to hit. Before you know it, your carefully constructed message has been sent into cyber space, never to return.

Let us then consider the more traditional hard copy printed brochure, leaflet or magazine. It is tactile, and don’t we all like to flick through the pristine pages of a brand new publication, just out of curiosity about what it contains? We drink in the images, the colours and of course, all those subliminal messages- we are receptive to whatever is being offered. Often, we put it aside to come back to later, whereupon a second and third opportunity to digest these messages, presents itself. This is when your publication really starts to work for you. It has been left on a desk or table where it constantly catches the eye and where others may see it. The printed word in all its glory may lie around for weeks, months, or in cases of relaxed housekeeping, even years! The recipient of your publication is in fact doing your work for you; brand placement right under their nose!

The simple truth is, that if you want to get attention, you need several distinct strategies. E-mailers are great – they are instant and attractive. But let’s not forget the value of having your literature lying around the home or workplace, subtly and constantly reminding all who use that space, about your brand, messages and products.

So, whilst we are all getting carried away with the latest electronic gadgets, you cannot afford to rule out print just yet; it continues to remain an effective and powerful advertising tool.

Quite simply, the “Coffee Table Factor”.