Targeting through Google Ads

How Pay Per Click can benefit your business

Users are turning to Google to carry out searches for a product or service more and more often as the internet has become almost like a catalogue of businesses. There are different ways in which businesses can utilise this trend in business search and one of those means happens to be Pay Per Click (PPC). Some of you might be familiar with the term PPC, the Google Adwords paid advertising strategy that is designed to increase desired outcomes.
You essentially pay to list in the very top spots on Google when someone carries out a keyword search that you are choosing to target. Here we identify some benefits your business could see if you invest in PPC.

Reaching your target audience

First and foremost, as long as your campaign is set out properly you can get your business directly in front of those searching for terms related to your industry. Essentially you will be targeting those that are actively searching for your product or service.

Raising your brand awareness

Not only are you directing targeted traffic to your website, you are introducing your business and brand to a wider audience, a digital audience that might not have known about you had you not appeared in their Google search results.

Immediate results

If your campaign and bid is right, you can start to see the results as soon as you set your campaign live. This strategy can be favoured by businesses that are looking for instant results. Although, it is also beneficial to boost your organic search listings, the immediacy of this strategy often impresses those looking for fast results.

Re-engage with interested parties

Google AdWords also offers a feature called remarketing. This is a great tool to recapture traffic that previously visited your website and left without taking action, by showing ads as a reminder of what you have to offer.

Track your results

It’s very easy for a budget to be consumed. The Google AdWords dashboard provides detailed statistics so that you are able to see which keywords are working for you, how many clicks the ads are generating and which campaign is giving the best return on investment and so on.

PPC is a great way to fend off your competitors, just make sure that your bid strategy is correct and that you aren’t paying over the odds for each desired result.

Top Tip – It’s a good idea to set up conversion tracking for your ads so that you can monitor your ROI.

If you would like advice on how to set up a campaign for your business, the team at Carrick are ready to help.