How targeted facebook adverts can boost your sales

It’s become near impossible to scroll through your newsfeed without spotting targeted Facebook adverts that contains content that sparks some sort of interest or relevance to yourself.

Why is this you might wonder?

Well somewhere out there is some savvy business using Facebook Advertising as part of their digital strategy. Facebook advertising is a powerful marketing strategy that allows its users to get specific content into the eyes of the right people (by right people we mean PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS). Facebook advertising allows you to reach a new audience that might not have had any previous engagement with your business, ultimately allowing you to generate a greater brand awareness. When this content is put in front of an audience that is likely to interact, then your business is likely to see an increase in sales.

Targeting Your Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising allows you as the advertiser to profile your perfect customer. When setting up your Facebook Advert you might want to consider; Who is most likely to purchase your product/Who is likely to invest in your service? What age are they? What are they interested in? Do they live in a specific location? Do they have children? Are they married?… hopefully you get the gist.

For example, if you own a Bridal Dress business you can pretty much guarantee that those buying the wedding dresses are going to be females that are engaged. Therefore, when creating your Facebook advert you can reach a number of females that fit these criteria. The number of females that your ad will be shown to will depend on your Facebook Ad budget and the location in which you want your adverts to be shown.

So why is correct targeting so crucial?

Continuing with the theme of the bridal dress business… if you were to set this advert to be visible in a location 1000’s of miles from your business location, providing that you don’t offer world wide delivery you can be pretty confident that you wouldn’t sell any bridal dresses as a result of your ads, as the ads would not be relevant to the audience viewing them as they wouldn’t be able to order them. Getting your targeting correct really is crucial to your ad success!

It is also worth noting that Facebook adverts are extremely diverse and you can set them up in a way that you feel will help boost your sales, whether this be encouraging someone to message your page, view a specific product on a web page or fill out their contact details so that you can get back to them.

Of course, constructing a Facebook advert isn’t quite as simple as knowing who your target audience is. For the most effective Facebook campaigns and for the best chance of boosting your sales you need to ensure that your ad has compelling ad text with a clear call to action and is coupled with a striking visual image.

Facebook advertising really allows your business to reach an extended audience in a powerful format. If you would like to reach a targeted customer base contact our Facebook Experts to discuss how Facebook Advertising could work for you!

Ps, Facebook possibilities almost seem endless, Facebook Adverts can also be set up to appear on the newsfeeds of those that have already visited your website. However, this is a whole different ball game in itself, keep an eye out for our future blog on Facebook Remarketing.