Simply a matter of time

With the latest trend for responsive websites, many have wondered why an internet browser wasn’t built into Apple’s latest venture, the Apple Watch. Obviously the screen size is a huge factor, a screen size of around 40mm isn’t ideal for browsing the web, and also its reliance on the iPhone for web based activities. This hasn’t stopped other smartphones incorporating web browsers into their potential suite of apps though, the Sony Smartwatch can have a browser installed which works perfectly on the wrist, allowing users to browse the web on their bite sized screens.

Another major factor could be that the current Apple Watch is only the first release. It would be surprising if future editions didn’t have the ability to browse the web, especially with the range of competing devices which will allow you to use this feature. Along with these capabilities and growing potential to surf the web on different devices grows the importance of making sure your website is user friendly on any device it may be viewed on. This will help enable your website to stay with current web trends for as long as possible and also allow it to work perfectly on tablets and mobile, which in some cases are used as much as desktop computers to browse the web.

As technologies grow faster, it’s important to stay in touch. Especially if you’d like your website to shine on the Apple Watch 3.