7 traits your website needs to be effective

Internetlivestats suggests that Google processes over 40,000 searches a second, that’s about 3.5 billion searches per day. You don’t need us to tell you that that’s a lot of people.

You know yourself, you carry out your internet search and then click on a website. I’m sure you get where we are heading here. If you don’t have a website or perhaps your website isn’t effective, then it NEEDS to be.

Here are some vital aspects that you should consider when discussing your web build with your web developer.

Responsive Website – Mobile is beginning to overtake desktop, so your website needs to be 100% effective on mobiles to ensure that you don’t lose any unnecessary traffic. It would be a shame to miss out on those extra sales simply because your “buy now” button doesn’t appear on the screen of the mobile device.

Clear Navigation – Keep your website clean and tidy. Help users easily identify what they are looking for; if people can navigate to the pages they are looking for with ease, they are less likely to get frustrated and look elsewhere.

Informative Content – remember content is King. You need to get your message across in a succinct manner; people don’t have the time or interest to be scrolling through endless paragraphs in a hunt to find the information they are looking for. When writing your web content, you should also consider your intended audience; who is likely to be reading this content? Consider the language and your tone of voice.

Lead Capturing – make sure there are functions and forms set in place to capture the data and information of those people who want to express an interest in your business and would like
to hear from you in the future. People like things to be quick and easy, so remember to keep this in mind when designing your data form.

GDPR – yes the dreaded word is back again. GDPR is now enforced so your website needs to be compliant. From privacy policies, access to data, data mapping to opt in email lists, your
website needs to conform!

SEO – it’s all very well and good having a fancy looking website, but you want that website to be found. Just look back at the figures at the start of the blog; there are a lot of people searching and there are also a lot of websites for people to choose from. In order for your website to list on the first pages of search engines like Google, a set of strategies need to be applied and maintained so that Google knows your website is relevant and fresh for the terms that people are searching for.

A Good build – again people don’t have a lot of patience, so your website needs to perform properly. With a good website build (all the coding, links and other techy bits) combined with good hosting (the server where your website sits that allows your website to appear online), you should have a high speed and high performing website.

Of course, there is much more to it than just these 7 steps, so start a conversation with us today and let’s help you secure that extra business.