Setting your sights high in 2020

The importance of creating a realistic marketing strategy and monitoring its success.

If you read our previous blog about goal setting and implementing new strategies in 2020, then this blog is a great follow on.
Sometimes it’s a bit too easy to go ahead all guns blazing and throw a pot of money at your marketing. Without the expert knowledge of what is right for your business, this is a sure way to burn through that money at the speed of light. In this short read, we address how Carrick can help you create a realistic marketing strategy and set appropriate budgets tailored to your business needs.

Our creative agency offers a full array of services, from Branding & Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, Ecommerce, PPC, SEO and Digital Marketing. Although, we offer the full spectrum of services, we will only provide and advise you on what we believe is relevant to your business.

For example, if you were to come to us to create a PPC ads campaign, we would first assess your website to make sure that it is set up appropriately to convert any traffic. It not, we would recommend that you do not waste your budget until the necessary updates have been implemented. If we see improvements that could be made on your website prior to launching a PPC campaign, we will let you know. The last thing we want you to do, is to invest in adverts where traffic is going to drop off as soon as it lands on your website, just because updates have been overlooked.

We will always sit down with you and look at what your business is hoping to achieve by investing in the services of a creative agency like Carrick. If you tell us that you want to climb the Google Rankings organically, but also drive traffic to your website through the use of social media adverts, then we will create the appropriate package, suited entirely to your business needs.

If you’re simply looking for a brand refresh, we will work with you to achieve a powerful, new and effective brand image! We won’t just leave you there once you brand refresh is complete: our team will recommend additional services that we believe could be beneficial to help your new brand excel and maintain a strong online presence.

Our marketing team will also keep you up to date with the progress of any campaigns you choose to embark on. We will provide you with monthly reports, so that you know exactly what you are getting for your money. ROI (Return On Investment), growth in traffic, sales, engagement and conversions, are just some of the all important statistics that we will share with you.

Our business is built on honesty and creativity: we really do offer you The Carrick Difference and want to create a long lasting partnership with businesses like yours. If you would like to arrange a meeting to start discussing your unique marketing goals, we would love to hear from you.