Increase your sales with these 4 print marketing items

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you will have noticed that we think print marketing is equally as important as digital marketing. Hell, there was a time when we all ignored that pile of post sat on the stairs, but times are changing and we are seeing a real resurgence in print and its effectiveness is not something to be ignored. Here we identify a selection of print formats that your business should consider to generate interest and increase sales.


Are you holding a marketing event at a specific location, maybe you are attending a business fayre? Perhaps you need your place of business to stand out a little more? Banners are a great way of getting your business noticed. If your business is on a busy street with lots of footfall, why not put a banner outside your shop advertising a special offer, giving customers a reason to engage with you? Make sure your banner looks professional and is branded to the rest of your marketing material; nobody likes an oddball.


Often described as the daddy of print, you really can’t go wrong with a well designed, striking and informative brochure.

A brochure can be a great sales aid. Let’s use the property industry as an example here. The Sales negotiator goes out to value the vendors home and takes a brochure with them. This handy brochure contains information that helps explain the process of selling a home, provides information about the services and fees that the Estate Agent will charge and summarises a little bit about the business itself. This brochure not only helps the Estate Agent look professional and well prepared, when the brochure is left in the home of the Vendor, they are able to refer back to it at their own convenience. The brochure is tangible and appeals to human senses allowing the person interested to almost feel connected with your business.

Plus, if you think about it, if your brochure is done well it’s likely to be around for quite some time, a constant reminder of your business and brand. It’s almost like the human race feel guilty about throwing out that beautifully designed and informative 10-page brochure.

Business Cards

Business cards will never get old, they’re small, compact and can fit into your purse or wallet; you can pretty much carry them with you at all times. They are the convenient and quick way of getting your name and number into the hands of a prospective customer. They are often the first introduction to your business, so it’s important that they look professional and smart. Remember first impressions count.

Takeaway Menus

Some people just don’t do digital for certain things and takeaway menus are the perfect example of this. Yes, there are the likes of online food delivery businesses such as Just Eat and Deliveroo etc., but there’s something quite iconic about sifting through that kitchen drawer and selecting your menu of choice, before passing it around for all the family to view. You probably already know what you’re going to order, but that doesn’t stop you from taking a look before phoning the order through. Keep those takeaway dreams alive. Don’t get forgotten about because your menu isn’t available in print format!


As the old saying goes, “I’ve got a foot in the door” and postcards are a simple and effective means of achieving this. Your postcards should be clear and simple, easy to read and offer something of value to the intended reader. Postcards are a great way of raising brand awareness in a particular location, whilst showcasing your business services and products.

If you would like Carrick to mock up a print design to help your business secure those additional sales, get in touch today.