How to target customers

If you have created quality content, it is likely that you want it to be seen by as many people as possible. However, you should take caution with this approach, particularly if what you are selling is quite niche. Of course, increasing your content reach can be valuable but it’s only really valuable if you get your content in front of a suitable audience. For example, there is no point in advertising a Wedding Fayre to someone that is single or already married, as this would have little value to the person.

Here, we identify ways in which you can increase your business reach, but to a targeted audience that is likely to be interested, or likely to convert! In this instance we are going to look at Facebook advertising and the huge opportunity that businesses have to increase the reach of their content.

Audience Targeting

Facebook will essentially show your advert to a number of people that you choose through targeting. This is a great opportunity to reach a lot more people that you think will be interested in your business. Facebook gives you control over choosing the location in which you want to advertise, the age of those to whom your product or service is applicable, the gender and even specific keyword interests. For example, an independent local beauty salon based in Cardiff would want to target a small area around Cardiff. This is because it’s very unlikely that someone who lives in Newcastle would travel to Cardiff to say, get their nails painted. You might also then add beauty as an interest.

You can be as broad or as specific as you want with your targeting and budget, play around with the different targeting options and see the suggested reach change on the Facebook dashboard, so you can then pick your targeting options accordingly.


If you have a Facebook Pixel set up on your website, (speak to us if you need helping getting this sorted) then you can market your content to people that have visited your website. You can get quite specific with this targeting and can remarket an advert to those that have landed on a particular page. This is a great way of increasing your business reach more than once: say someone views a pair of shoes, then gets distracted by someone knocking at the door and closes down the web page. When they are next on Facebook, that particular product can be shown to them again, a little reminder that they were interested in said product.

Utilising your email list

As long as you have permission to email your customers or prospective customers, (this is a bit of nightmare post GDPR so make sure you are fully compliant before doing this) you can upload your list of email addresses to Facebook and Facebook will match these email addresses to Facebook accounts set up in that email address. This provides businesses a further opportunity to market to an audience that is already likely to be familiar with your business. This is a great tool if you have a specific discount or new product that you think existing customers will be interested in.


You can also increase your reach by increasing your budget. A bigger budget often leads to a greater reach. Facebook will normally require a budget of at least £1 a day. Depending on the targeting that you choose, Facebook will present you with a figure of how many people this ad will likely reach. If you up your budget, you are likely to see this reach increase. £1 might get your ad in front of 10,000 people but £10 might get your ad in front 50,000. Plan your budget carefully, it can be a little too easy to exhaust your budget in a blink of an eye. Again, if you need any help setting up your Facebook Ads and budget then call our team today.

As Woody from Toy Story says… Reach for the sky!