Give your digital marketing the X Factor

If you have read our earlier blog instalment ‘Vlog your way to Success’ you’ll already be aware of the importance video marketing can play as part of your marketing strategy. If you haven’t read that blog entry, you’ll most likely be aware anyway as no doubt you are familiar with the videos that pop up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from various businesses. It doesn’t stop there; YouTube which has been around for decades, has really evolved into another platform which businesses can successfully utilise to their advantage.

There are a lot of people using YouTube, and by a lot we mean to the tune of 50 million content creators, so in order to get your content to stand out, you need to really be capturing your audiences’ attention. We reveal some top tips in making your content stand out above the rest.

Create a brand account

You want to set your business apart from the everyday Jo Bloggs videos showing their cat running around the living room. Admittedly, this might be funny, but it doesn’t give the best professional impression. By having a brand account, you can ensure your account is branded to your business and only contains relevant videos.

Consider your audience

It’s a good idea to check out who is viewing your videos. YouTube provides some interesting insights into your account demographics. Are they female, male, what age group do they fit into?
Be sure to check out the other great analytics information that can be found in your account. Look at which videos have the most views, which videos have the most engagement and so on. By identifying which are your more successful videos you will learn to understand what your audience enjoys and what they want to see more of.

Plan your content carefully

As you get to know your audience and know what type of content they enjoy, you can begin to plan your content schedule. It’s important to remain consistent with your video uploads so that people become familiar with your brand and look forward to your next video release. By creating a content calendar, you can plan ahead and be sure that you are developing a well thought out campaign.

Create Awareness

There are a couple of different strategies you can make use of to generate a greater awareness. You can improve your SEO rankings and help your business become more discoverable through searches by ensuring your videos are optimised correctly. Talk to us if you need help checking that your videos are set up the best way possible. If you have that extra little bit of cash to splash, you can also look into YouTube advertising. This can be an effective means of getting your YouTube videos in front of a specific demographic.

Good luck with your video making and if you need help creating your account, creating a content calendar or optimising your videos, then get in touch with our friendly team today.