Digital Marketing Trends

Staying ahead of the game is essential for a successful digital marketing campaign. Here are three important areas in digital marketing not to be ignored.

Content is still king

Developing engaging, informative and memorable content should be a priority for any company. Content production is used as a way to keep both current and potential clients well informed so as to build trust and ensure your business, and your brand, is seen as an expert in your field.

Although this is not new, it’s still as essential. The Content Marketing Institute has released figures indicating that almost 90% of business-to-business organisations have a content marketing strategy implemented. This percentage should indicate to those who don’t currently have a content marketing strategy that they certainly should invest at least a small amount of their marketing budget into one, or risk being left behind.

There are clear benefits to doing so, two of which would be a boost in search engine rankings and the improved overall perception of your business and brand.

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

By ensuring visual content on your website is high priority you’re also having the added benefit of building your SEO ranking. Updates by Google on their algorithms have established content as having an even greater importance over keyword optimisation.

The value of content on a website can be measured by how long a user stays on the website or individual pages, how many pages they visit and therefore how relevant the information is. While text is important to a webpage, pictures and videos are more captivating to the certain audiences and so will keep the session duration running longer, which will result in a greater potential to gain a new customer. All of this of course depends on how the content is approached and whether or not it is relevant to what you’re trying to sell or convey.

Mobile Optimisation

What used to be a ‘nicety’ has fast become a necessity in the digital marketing world. Not only will you get penalised by Google for not having a fully responsive website but you also run the risk of losing traffic or potential customers because the website is either unusable or hard work to navigate on a smartphone or tablet.

With the on going trend towards mobile devices it’s important to be updated and ensure your website is usable on all the platforms. Almost all of us now have a mobile or tablet within an arms reach, and with our shopping habits being tended to while we’re on the move, along with our insatiable craving for information, it is increasingly important that your website is built efficiently and responsively.

Make sure you’re ready to capitalise on it and discover how The Carrick Difference can help you to take your business forward.