Blog your way to SEO success!

There seems to be a lot of misinformation suggesting that blogging is outdated… we’re here to show you why that’s not the case! Here’s why you should spring into action, commit to regular writing and blog your way to SEO success.

Let’s start at the beginning. What is SEO?

In its simplest form, SEO involves a set of processes that are designed to improve the visibility of your website when someone carries out a search on for example, Google.

All websites should have an SEO strategy in place because the better the SEO ranking (the position your website appears in a search result) the more traffic you should get to your website.

So how does blogging help my SEO?

Search engines like Google like to see regular and quality content uploaded to your website, and yep you guessed it… blogging provides the perfect opportunity to do this. We recommend creating a regular blog that is updated at least once a month.

But there is a little more to it than simply writing some words and uploading them to your website. There are two really important factors you should consider when it comes to creating your blog strategy. The first is keywords and the second is how useful the content is to the searcher.

How do I know what keywords I should include in my blog for SEO success?

You’ll need to carry out keyword research. Keywords should be included on your other web pages as well as your blog! They are typically found within your text, page titles/blog title, image descriptions and meta tags (snippets of text telling search engines and the end user what each page/ blog is about).

There are a variety of programs available to help you carry out your keyword research. It’s a good idea to see how many people are searching for that keyword or phrase. This will ensure you are creating content that people want to read.

You can find more information on creating content and SEO in general in one of our previous blogs Steps to SEO success.

How do I know what my prospective/existing customers want to see on the blog?

Hopefully, if you’ve done your market and customer research you will have a pretty good idea of what your customers want. However, it’s always a great idea to review this on a regular basis. Social Media provides a great space to question your customers and find out what they want to see from you. You could create a Poll on Instagram and get them to vote on the topic they want you to cover next, or quite simply create a post asking them directly what they’d like to see more of.

There are also some great websites that give you a good idea of the types of questions people are asking. Remember, Google wants to show the most relevant content to the searcher so if you can create content that answers these popular questions then you are on to a winner.

And that’s not it, of course blogging assists with your SEO Strategy but it presents the perfect space to position yourself as the expert and share interesting content with your audience. This helps nurture your prospective customers and boost consumer buying confidence.

Top Tip to blog your way to SEO success

Blogs aren’t just for the website; they are the perfect shareable content, so don’t forget to share your blog on your social media. Maximise the content you’ve spent precious time creating and include your blog content within your email marketing strategy.

As you can see blogging has so many benefits for your website SEO and beyond. But blogging is just one aspect that should be considered as part of your wider SEO strategy. Our team of SEO experts are on hand to assist with your SEO strategy including the writing of your blogs on a consistent basis should you need support with this. Just get in touch to enquire about our SEO services today.