5 of Common SEO Myths

The search algorithm that Google uses is now so complex that some people are giving up on SEO as they feel it is too difficult to understand. We are here to simplify it for you, so that we can help you make the right decisions for your website.

Myth 1: Your Search Engine Experience Is The Same No Matter Which Computer You Use

Google doesn’t work like that anymore.

It generates suggestions depending upon what Google knows about you. With that in mind, the people searching for your website may type in the same things and see the same results, but the suggestions they are offered will differ, which lowers the importance of certain keywords you are trying to rank up for. We will work with you, to ensure you are getting the most exposure and to gain a higher ranking for your site.

Myth 2: You Can Hide Stuff From Google In Images

You cannot hide stuff in images anymore.

People previously hid text such as “Click my affiliate adverts” or “Link to my page” because they knew they would be penalised by Google if they wrote such things as text, but they knew they could hide the words within their images.

That is not true anymore because Google is now able to read images, which includes reading faces, objects, locations, and text.

Myth 3: Link Building Is Dead

Link building is more alive than ever, and it is more productive than ever.

We have finally seen the last of link farms and cheap article websites. Link building has great benefits because it draws traffic and attention to your website. The more traffic and attention your website receives, then the higher Google ranks it up the search engine results.

Google now even has a way of figuring out if you own a bunch of the websites that you are linking to your website, so you can’t just buy 60 websites these to your main site.

Myth 4: People With Smaller Budgets Fare Just As Well As Those With Big Budgets

We used to say that SEO and Google levelled the playing field so that the small-time operator could appear next to big companies. That is not the case anymore.

Now, it is the companies that have the highest budgets and the biggest SEO departments that dominate the Google search engine results. Bigger budgets give you an edge on companies with smaller budgets in certain situations. But if you are using the correct methods and staying relevant, then a smaller budget that is being utilised in the right way can punch far above its weight.

Ensuring you choose the right SEO partner is essential to ensure your budget is getting the right returns.

Myth 5: You Need Search Engine Optimisation Companies That Can Guarantee A Number One Ranking

Nobody can guarantee you will get to the top.

However, find a good SEO partner, who are doing the right things, and they will be able to utilise consistent methodology to keep your website popular on Google and ensure your rankings maintain and improve.

How do you decide what’s right and wrong?

Only experience will tell you what is right and wrong. However choosing an experienced SEO company will ensure you aren’t lost in the woods when it comes to SEO. Our experienced team have all the knowledge and expertise to help your website rank and perform the way you want it to.

As you continue to update and maintain your website, you will do things that have a positive and/or a negative effect on your rankings. You will be able to see how much traffic you gained or lost from Google, and you will be able to see how much of it converted.

It is just as much about getting people to convert as it is about getting people to your website.