5 benefits of Google AdWords

1. AdWords work faster than SEO

A well optimised AdWords campaign can work much faster than SEO for a business to get the much coveted first spot in search, despite SEO and Google AdWords being search engine marketing strategies to generate more traffic.

Some reasons that Adwords can work faster are:

  • The ability to focus multiple keywords
  • Ads appear at the top of the page so are seen more frequently
  • You have control over when your ads appear

Both Adwords and SEO have benefits to help improve traffic and ranking and should be used simultaneously.

2. Better brand awareness

Google AdWords is also an efficient way to tell people about your brand. A Google Study in collaboration with Ipsos, helped show that search ads lift top-of-mind awareness by an average of 6.6%.

Search ads help to reach people who are in a highly receptive mind set. As they are searching for keywords related to your business, product or service, they are more likely to remember you if you are appearing front and centre in search results or on websites they are visiting.

3. Reconnect with visitors of your website

Google Adwords has several ways to help you reconnect with visitors to your website, but who didn’t actively take any action, such as purchasing a product or contacting you directly.

Remarketing on display helps you target visitors on different advertising-supported websites. You can target users who visited your website but decided to leave before making a purchase, to remind them that they can get what they are looking for from your website.

You can also exclude people who did complete making a purchase from seeing the ad campaign.

4. Keep up with your competitors

If your competitors are running ads for the same/similar products or services as you provide but you are not, then your competitors are much more likely to generate traffic.

You are able to see how your competitors are using Google Adwords, what adverts they are running and how they promote their business and use this to devise your own advertising strategy to help you stand out.

5. Flexible advertising

Google AdWords has several campaign types which means you can have complete control over your ads. This includes only paying for your ad when someone clicks on it. You can limit the amount you spend to ensure you are working within your budget.

You can also target potential customers by advertising globally or locally depending on what ad best suits your requirements. This means you can target customers within just a few miles of your business, or target customers in an entire country or across the globe.

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